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National Geographic News: Cameron Exclusive

By April 5, 2012September 18th, 2023No Comments

National Geographic News: Cameron Exclusive

When he made his historic solo dive into the Mariana Trench last month, James Cameron brought back images and descriptions of a “lunar like” marine landscape nearly devoid of life.

But a scant few weeks later, the filmmaker and explorer is eager for himself and project scientists to dive again into Challenger Deep, an undersea valley in the trench that’s the deepest known point on Earth.

For now, however, Cameron and his team are wrapping up what they’re calling Phase One of the DEEPSEA CHALLENGE project, a partnership with the National Geographic Society and Rolex.

“We always planned it in two gos,” Cameron said. “The first [phase] primarily focused on proving and refining the technology, [with] the second one being more science-focused once we had a proven platform.”

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